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Jazz 117 Knicks 113: The more things change the more they stay something similar

Jazz 117 Knicks 113:Roses are red/Utah is not known for its mobility/The Knicks lost against the Jazz last night

Jazz 117 Knicks 113: Due to the amazing work of our own Matthew Miranda and a somewhat busy schedule, I haven’t been able to recap a single game this season. Historically, I haven’t had good luck, but I figured a game against the weak Utah Jazz should be a layup. Certainly, the Knicks won’t lay eggs and force me to confront some serious macro issues this team has. Good?

Oh, we’re here. The Knicks came to Utah and laid an absolute egg, resulting in their biggest loss of the season. Was this game a random anomaly? Or are there problems on the horizon? Let’s dig deeper.

Jazz 117 Knicks 113: The return of All-NBA Julius Randle?

Jazz 117 Knicks 113:Let’s not bury the LEDs. Julius Randle was absolutely amazing. Entering last night’s game, Randle had averaged 25.1 points, 9.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists over his last 16 games, shooting over 50% from the field and 35% from three-point range. After a slow start to the season, Randle has improved offensively, playing at a level that should remind Knicks fans of last season.

But while statistical dominance looks similar to 2022-23, zoom in and the specifics of how Randle provides offensive impact are very different. What Randle did last prepare was an example of shot planning. He wasn’t extremely efficient from any particular point (34% from 3-point range, 76% from the free throw line, 43% from mid-range), but where he shot helped increase his efficiency.

Last season, Randle shot 8.4 three-pointers per 36 minutes, which means nearly 45% of his field goal attempts were from beyond the arc. This season, his 3-point percentage has barely eclipsed 30%, with his 3-point frequency dropping to 5.6 despite taking nearly the same number of shots per 36 minutes. Instead of shooting from a distance, Randle has turned into an inside-out player. Players prefer to have surgery on their elbows.

No game showed this development more than last night. Randle was 12th of 17 inside the arc, and got where he wanted to, within 15 feet of the basket. The Jazz, who entered the game at 7-16, had no option who would challenge Randle defensively, and he certainly knew it. Randle added six assists, leading the way with 32 points. When Randle rains three-pointers, he helps the Knicks score. When Randle dominates inside the arc, he helps the Knicks all over the court. Unexpectedly, the Knicks had a team-best +13 in the 39 minutes played by Randle.

Randle still has a long way to go before returning to his All-NBA impact. He can still fall into periods of pain and his defence is as weak as it was during his time in New York. But after a poor start to the season, they have righted the ship and are headed in the right direction. Regardless of how you feel about the unpredictable 29-year-old, this is uplifting news for Knicks fans.

Jazz 117 Knicks 113:a game was played

Jazz 117 Knicks 113:The rest of the game didn’t go so well for the Knicks. Since the loss of Mitchell Robinson, New York’s dominance in the possession battle has ended. The Jazz, led by Walker Kessler, actually collected more offensive rebounds than the Knicks, as did Toronto two nights earlier. While the Jazz had seven more turnovers, they still finished with more shot attempts.

The Knicks had taken a double-digit lead early and it looked like everything would go smoothly. Randle scored 14 points in the first quarter; Immanuel Quickley, returning from a one-game absence due to knee soreness, came off the bench and immediately scored 12 on 5-6 shooting. But if the Knicks expected Utah to fade away, the Jazz had no interest in playing along. Led by Collin Sexton and Lauri Markkanen, Utah managed to get back into the game and led by two at halftime.

While Randle returned in 2023, the Knicks decided to return in 2022 with the third overall pick. The starting players returned to the field with very little energy. RJ Barrett, who shot a disastrous 1 of 11 in the first half, tried his best to generate positive momentum with a few early baskets, but very little managed to sustain. The Knicks finished the quarter down five after a brutal foul by Isaiah Hartenstein, but the damage was already done.

In the fourth, the Jazz began to pull away, giving up as much as 17 points. While most of the Knicks struggled (some more than others), one who didn’t was Donte DiVincenzo, who came back to life after rejoining midseason. through the quarter and helped lead a comeback that allowed the Knicks to pull within three.




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