Jazz 117 Knicks 113: The more things change the more they stay something similar

Jazz 117 Knicks 113:Roses are red/Utah is not known for its mobility/The Knicks lost against the Jazz last night

Jazz 117 Knicks 113: Due to the amazing work of our own Matthew Miranda and a somewhat busy schedule, I haven’t been able to recap a single game this season. Historically, I haven’t had good luck, but I figured a game against the weak Utah Jazz should be a layup. Certainly, the Knicks won’t lay eggs and force me to confront some serious macro issues this team has. Good?

Oh, we’re here. The Knicks came to Utah and laid an absolute egg, resulting in their biggest loss of the season. Was this game a random anomaly? Or are there problems on the horizon? Let’s dig deeper.

Jazz 117 Knicks 113: The return of All-NBA Julius Randle?

Jazz 117 Knicks 113:Let’s not bury the LEDs. Julius Randle was absolutely amazing. Entering last night’s game, Randle had averaged 25.1 points, 9.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists over his last 16 games, shooting over 50% from the field and 35% from three-point range. After a slow start to the season, Randle has improved offensively, playing at a level that should remind Knicks fans of last season.

But while statistical dominance looks similar to 2022-23, zoom in and the specifics of how Randle provides offensive impact are very different. What Randle did last prepare was an example of shot planning. He wasn’t extremely efficient from any particular point (34% from 3-point range, 76% from the free throw line, 43% from mid-range), but where he shot helped increase his efficiency.

Last season, Randle shot 8.4 three-pointers per 36 minutes, which means nearly 45% of his field goal attempts were from beyond the arc. This season, his 3-point percentage has barely eclipsed 30%, with his 3-point frequency dropping to 5.6 despite taking nearly the same number of shots per 36 minutes. Instead of shooting from a distance, Randle has turned into an inside-out player. Players prefer to have surgery on their elbows.

No game showed this development more than last night. Randle was 12th of 17 inside the arc, and got where he wanted to, within 15 feet of the basket. The Jazz, who entered the game at 7-16, had no option who would challenge Randle defensively, and he certainly knew it. Randle added six assists, leading the way with 32 points. When Randle rains three-pointers, he helps the Knicks score. When Randle dominates inside the arc, he helps the Knicks all over the court. Unexpectedly, the Knicks had a team-best +13 in the 39 minutes played by Randle.

Randle still has a long way to go before returning to his All-NBA impact. He can still fall into periods of pain and his defence is as weak as it was during his time in New York. But after a poor start to the season, they have righted the ship and are headed in the right direction. Regardless of how you feel about the unpredictable 29-year-old, this is uplifting news for Knicks fans.

Jazz 117 Knicks 113:a game was played

Jazz 117 Knicks 113:The rest of the game didn’t go so well for the Knicks. Since the loss of Mitchell Robinson, New York’s dominance in the possession battle has ended. The Jazz, led by Walker Kessler, actually collected more offensive rebounds than the Knicks, as did Toronto two nights earlier. While the Jazz had seven more turnovers, they still finished with more shot attempts.

The Knicks had taken a double-digit lead early and it looked like everything would go smoothly. Randle scored 14 points in the first quarter; Immanuel Quickley, returning from a one-game absence due to knee soreness, came off the bench and immediately scored 12 on 5-6 shooting. But if the Knicks expected Utah to fade away, the Jazz had no interest in playing along. Led by Collin Sexton and Lauri Markkanen, Utah managed to get back into the game and led by two at halftime.

While Randle returned in 2023, the Knicks decided to return in 2022 with the third overall pick. The starting players returned to the field with very little energy. RJ Barrett, who shot a disastrous 1 of 11 in the first half, tried his best to generate positive momentum with a few early baskets, but very little managed to sustain. The Knicks finished the quarter down five after a brutal foul by Isaiah Hartenstein, but the damage was already done.

In the fourth, the Jazz began to pull away, giving up as much as 17 points. While most of the Knicks struggled (some more than others), one who didn’t was Donte DiVincenzo, who came back to life after rejoining midseason. through the quarter and helped lead a comeback that allowed the Knicks to pull within three.


Bears equipment director Tony Medlin honored by Callahan Foundation

Bears equipment director Tony Medlin honoured.

Bears equipment director : Longtime Bears equipment director Tony Medlin received the Callahan Foundation’s prestigious “Give a Hand Out to Give a Hand Up” sports award last Saturday night.
Madeline was one of three people honoured at the organization’s 15th annual scholarship benefit gala at Tinley Park. The others were U.S. Representative Robin Kelly and Pastor Reginald W. Sharp Jr.
“I’m honoured,” Madeline said. There are a lot of people involved that make these moments possible. I’m grateful to the McCaskey family and the Chicago Bears for allowing me to do the work that I do. It’s very gratifying. It just reminds me of .” “How much people appreciate what we do.”
Bears President George H. McCaskey went to the occasion to help Medlin.

The Callahan Foundation was founded in 2009.

The Callahan Foundation was founded in 2009 with the mission to help through scholarships, college tuition and community outreach. Madeline and the other two award winners were recognized because they epitomize the Foundation’s mission.
Medlin joined the Bears in 1987 and has led the equipment department since 1997. He is responsible for coordinating all equipment operations for the team, including logistics, purchasing and inventory for all players, coaches and staff.
Madeline also leads the Bears’ annual coat drive. Coat Drive was started in 1989 by Medlin’s predecessor, Gary Hager, and the equipment department. After replacing Hager in 1997, Madeline was determined to continue the initiative. Each year, thousands of new and gently used coats are donated and then distributed to people in need throughout the Chicago area.

Bears equipment director: the Virginia McCaskey Award in 2017

A respected employee, Madeline won the Virginia McCaskey Award in 2017. This prestigious honour is presented to the Bears employee who has demonstrated Ms. McCaskey’s characteristics and values: grace, humility, loyalty and dedication. A winner is a person who not only exceeds the highest standards of achievement but whose work sets him apart from his peers.

When will we start the military and the naval force in 2023?

When will we start the military: Rival Nueva Inglaterra will arrive at passage number 124 in football history.

Annual negotiations with the Caballeros Negros del Ejercito and the Guardiamarinas de la Armada de la Nueva Inglaterra por Primera Vez en la Historia de la Rival.

Per usual, we’re taking caboose to Philadelphia, and the Eagles are slated to head to Lincoln Financial Field for the 2022 edition of the rivalry. Sin embargo, el encuentro de está temporada entre los dos programs del ejercito marca el cominzo de una série de cuatro años en differentes estadios antes de que el juego regresas a philadelphia en 2027.

After working with Estadio Gillette in Massachusetts at the Ejercito-Marina in 2023, you are installing an Octavo at the Estadio Gillette opposite the marina. The last 123-day event includes more than 90 locations in Philadelphia, a landmark location where you can travel 125 miles from Annapolis, Maryland, and 142 miles from West Point, New York.

Despite the restriction, in less than a week due to the restrictions on Massachusetts, Estadio Gillette was only 209 miles from West Point, while Annapolis was 414 miles away.

Even if you need more information about the ejercito between the marina and the history:

When will we start the military: What will start from Ejército-Marina in 2023?

Ubiquisian: Foxborough, Massachusetts

Army-Navy event in Foxboro, Massachusetts in 2023. After competing as a traditional Cabo in Philadelphia, there was a brief deadline stint at Gillette Stadium, losing to the NFL and the New England Patriots—revolution in Major League Soccer.

Details del Estadio Ejercito vs Marina

Estadio: Estadio Gilette

Capacity: 64.628

The match between Army and Navy took place at Gillette Stadium, in the first place we were lined up at Alberta Stadium for the competition.

Lincoln Financial Field drew approximately 69,896 fans, yielding approximately 5,000 more. The marina was honoured by entering Lincoln Financial Field on multiple occasions in 2003–06, 2008–10, 2012–15, and 2017–19.

When will we start the military: Why would there be a game between the Army and the Navy in Massachusetts?

When will we start the military: In 2023, various historical events coincided in the historical history of Estados Unidos in Massachusetts. Others: 250th year of the Boston Tea Party, 225th year of the inauguration of the USS Constitution and 124th edition of the rivalry.

Como Senello of the Sitio of Los Patriotes, with other prominent notables in 2023 También es el hogar del charlestown navy yard. Uno de los seis astilleros navales originales del pas, asi como el USS Constitution, el buque naval encargado MAS Antiguo.

An opportunity to study in Massachusetts, about Lexington and Concord, the first stages of the American Revolution.

Ubiquitación del futuro ejercito vs. armada.

The annual football match between Ejército and La Marina did not stop in Philadelphia until the end of 2027. In late 2027, the Rotarians will be replaced with real equipment by all of the NFL’s: Washington Commanders, Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants.

December 14, 2024: FedEx Field (Landover, MD)

December 13, 2025: Estadio M&T Bank (Baltimore, MD)

December 12, 2026: MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, Nueva Jersey)

December 11, 2027: Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia)

When will we start the military:Historia de utilación del ejercito contra la marina

De los 123 Concursos entre los dos Programas Históricos del Ejercito, 91 se han Levado a Cabo en Philadelphia. We have another place to stay in West Point, Nueva York. Laveronos from a cabo en el complejo del ejercito y en el complejo at the Armada in Annapolis in 1967.

A list of all the players in the Army vs. Philadelphia opener is available here. Armada.

Princeton, Nueva Jersey (1905)

Nueva York (1913, 1915–16, 1919–21, 1923, 1925, 1927, 1930–31)

Baltimore (1924, 1944, 2000, 2007, 2014, 2016)

Chicago (1926)

Pasadena, California (1983)

Landover, Maryland (2011)

East Rutherford, Nueva Jersey, EE. you you. (1989, 1993, 1997, 2002, 2021)

Foxborough, Massachusetts (2023)

Jurassic Park Survival is the Alien Isolation sequel we always wanted

Jurassic Park Survival: Saber Interactive is making the dinosaur horror game of my dreams.

Jurassic Park Survival is a game that I have often seen in my dreams since my childhood. An interactive experience where we are immersed in the events of the legendary film with few means to save ourselves instead of building a theme park or allowing dinosaurs to be killed in the comfort of an arcade machine.

Hiding in the kitchen with Velociraptors, praying that stray ladles aren’t inches away from causing your destruction on the tile floor, or walking out the iconic door only to be greeted by a bloodthirsty T-Rex, you know this. Should be. And the burning glow may be the only means of giving it life. The trailer for Saber Interactive’s next adventure was mostly bits of horror-themed fan service for the original film, but it really does a good job of selling what this game could be and why it already has me so excited. Is done.

Jurassic Park Survival: Survival immediately reminded me of Creative Assembly’s Alien

Perhaps most importantly, Survival immediately reminded me of Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation. For years, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops that Jurassic Park is the perfect candidate for this kind of formula, swapping out the unstoppable Xenomorph for a series of dinosaurs capable of hunting you down at every opportunity. With little means to protect yourself and possibly no training in handling firearms, you will have no choice but to hide and outwit your larger opponents while solving puzzles and finding a way to escape.
This type of game writes itself and I’m very glad Saber decided to take on this task, even if the final product doesn’t lean entirely toward survival horror. In the official announcement it is described as an “action adventure”, so there’s a good chance we’ll have weapons, or at least a means of defending ourselves against hordes of dinosaurs. However, the trailer doesn’t show that element, instead emphasizing the isolation (ugh) and anxiety of living alone on an island full of dinosaurs who want nothing more than to eat your ass.
The only glimpse of actual gameplay footage we get comes right at the end of the trailer, when the protagonist, Dr. Maya Joshi, is left stranded on Isla Nublar after Alan Grant and his friends manage to escape from there. The fallen dinosaur bones in the Visitor Center Plaza show that the events we remember have already happened, and nothing remains except this wet banner fluttering in the wind. When a herd of dinosaurs starts chasing her, Maya also gets injured and starts writhing in pain. Some people may be curious, while others have already marked it as prey. It’s full of fan service, but still tense in that classic Spielbergian way, where you can’t help but hang on the edge of your seat. Hopefully the real thing will come out.

Jurassic Park Survival: Survival will play on the whims of nostalgia

Survival will play on the whims of nostalgia, though subverting the familiar with a movie I’ve seen dozens of times may also be one of its greatest strengths. An entire island filled with familiar landmarks and sentient dinosaurs, allowing you to treat them to destructive attractions like dead employees, scribbled notes, or the beginning of an intense simulator filled with sweet clues that point toward a deeper narrative. . Survival is our main objective, but this will not prevent us from seeing places of interest or moving slowly through the park for fear of being discovered.

No matter how much virtual tourism I allow myself, I end up getting stuck in situations where I can only bravely run away from unknown danger, knowing it’s going in the wrong direction. Only a step separates me from the jaws of an apex predator. If you can combine that with a constant sense of dread and a lot of fan service, we could see a lot more in Jurassic Park Survival than your usual licensed fare.

Taylor Swift begins her tenure as Time Person of the Year and closes 2023 on a strong note.

Taylor Swift is Time’s 2023 Person of the Year

Taylor Swift is Time’s 2023 Person of the Year, giving the billionaire, business mogul, singer, songwriter, director, actor and producer another major accolade to her post.

Time editor-in-chief Sam Jacobs wrote: “In a divided world, where so many institutions are failing, Taylor Swift found a way to transcend boundaries and become a source of light.” “No one on the planet today can move so many people so well. Accomplishing this feat is something we often do based on planetary alignment and luck, but giving the stars too much credit for their Ignores skill and strength.”

In the article, Swift speaks to Time writer Sam Lanxy from her New York City apartment after she disappeared from an international rental in 2016 and remained in hiding for a year, storing her re-recorded albums, Music Her immense training for the program was physical. Her financial influence, her hit movies, and her relationship with Travis Kelce.

“I realize I will remain at that level whether I’m debilitated, hurt, shattered, awkward or focused,” she said in the article. It’s presently essential for my way of life as an individual. If someone buys a ticket to my show, I’ll play it unless we have some kind of force majeure event.

Taylor Swift caps off massive 2023:Her Eras Tour fitness and health routine

The pop culture icon has had a phenomenal year with the launch of the Ella Eraz Tour, which brought her 3.5-hour show to 66 performances in 23 cities across North America, Argentina and Brazil.

In the TIME story, he shared the fitness and health routine that allows him to survive long shows. She does not drink alcohol and spends the entire day in bed after each show. His training began six months before the start of the tour. He sang the song list loudly while running on the treadmill.

When the SAG-AFTRA strike halted promotion of blockbuster films, Swift struck a deal with the union and then bypassed the production studio to release her film with distributor AMC. According to AMC Theaters CEO Adam Aron on Twitter, his Era Tour film grossed over $200 million worldwide.

Twelve of my last 13 tweets (there’s that pervasive fortunate number 13 once more) have been about Taylor Quick. Need to know why?” Public. “Indeed, there are around 200 million motivations behind why!Taylor Swift’s concert film is the highest-grossing movie in history.”

Swift shouts out Kelly Clarkson and Kenny Chesney

Swift re-released two of her albums and claimed ownership of eight of her 10 albums. In late 2022, they released the “Bejeweled” music video and included their plans for 2023. The singer took an elevator and planned to stop at the third floor (from her third album “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)”) and five. (His fifth album “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”) remains at the top.

MORE: Taylor Swift

MORE: Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ will set music streaming record on Spotify by 2023
The only two albums they have released are “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)” and their self-titled debut album. Swift said the Reputation tracks would be “strong”.
“I’m collecting Horcruxes,” she told TIME. “I’m collecting Infinity Stones. Gandalf’s voice is in my head every time I pick out a new stone. To me, it’s a movie now.”
Swift credited Kelly Clarkson and her father for inspiring her to re-release albums.
I met Kelly Clarkson and she said, ‘Just remake it, Swift told Time. “My dad told me that too.
Swift also credits Kenny Chesney for starting her career early. When she was 17, she lost the opportunity to tour with them because their shows were sponsored by a beer company. To make up for it, the country star wrote her a check for her 18th birthday, which he used to pay for his band’s tour buses and bonuses.

Swift said of Chesney’s generosity, “I was able to live out my dreams.”
The singer also congratulated Greta Gerwig, who directed the film “Barbie,” and fellow superstar Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.
In November, Bloomberg named Swift a billionaire for her rising “Eras Tour”, which hit theaters, album re-recordings and merchandise sales.
A hidden “Taylor Swift economy” boosted sales for business owners across the country. From soap operas to themed cruises inspired by her era, Swift’s insatiable thirst for gear skyrocketed. USA TODAY Network also hired a dedicated reporter to cover Taylor Swift’s beat full-time.
Shedding light on Kelsey’s timeline
Professionally, they called it quits in 2023 and personally, she started dating star tight end Travis Kelce. In Argentina, the Kansas City Chiefs attended his concert where he sang “End Game” in his surprise set and changed the lyrics of Karma” to Karma is the guy from the Bosses who come straight home with me.

A hidden “Taylor Swift economy” boosted sales for business owners across the country. From soap operas to themed cruises inspired by her era, Swift’s insatiable thirst for gear skyrocketed. USA TODAY Network also hired a dedicated reporter to cover Taylor Swift’s beat full-time.
Shedding light on Kelsey’s timeline
Professionally, they called it quits in 2023 and personally, she started dating star tight end Travis Kelce. In Argentina, the Kansas City Chiefs attended his concert where he sang “End Game” in his surprise set and changed the lyrics of “Karma” to “Karma is the guy from the Chiefs who comes straight home with me”. ,
Kelce discussed his failed attempt to give Swift a friendship bracelet on his podcast and her visit to the Kansas City Chiefs suite a few weeks before the two began dating.
He said, “It all started when Travis blew me off in a very adorable way on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell.” “We started dating right after that. So we had a lot of time together that no one knew about, which I’m grateful for, because we got a chance to get to know each other.At the point when I went to that first game, We were a couple. I think certain individuals think they saw our most memorable date at that game. We would never be so mentally challenged as to make a first date difficult.”

GTA 6: New gameplay trailer revealed after online leak

GTA 6:The first look

The first look at the sixth game in the Grand Theft Auto series has finally been revealed after the trailer of the highly anticipated blockbuster was leaked.
Developer Rockstar was forced to release the game 15 hours ahead of its much-delayed release after a low-quality copy spread online.
The 90-second trailer confirmed that the game would be set in the Miami-inspired Vice City and that a female protagonist, Lucia, would play the lead role for the first time since the 1990s.

GTA 6: But the wait isn’t over, as the game isn’t scheduled to launch until 2025.

GTA 6: New gameplay trailer revealed after online leak

GTA 6:The last main game in the series will be the sequel to 2013’s smash hit GTA V, which became the second best-selling video game of all time behind Minecraft.
There have been endless rumors and leaks about GTA VI over the past decade.
The mere confirmation that a trailer was coming (an announcement, if you will) was enough to generate global headlines in November, as desperate fans wanted to get any information they could about the new game.
The trailer shows people racing cars, partying on boats and a man pulling an alligator out of a pool, all to the Americana sound of Tom Petty’s ‘Love Is a Long Road’.

GTA 6:Gamer Jess, known online as “Rage Darling”, usually watches multiplayer RPGs, but said she is “keeping an eye” on upcoming games.
“If you’re not at least interested in GTA, you’re kind of a black sheep at the moment, because it’s so big,” he told BBC Newsbeat.
She said the series “has always been a man’s game,” but the new female perspective made her curious.
Although it’s been a long time since a mainline GTA game has had a female protagonist (the last game was on the original PlayStation), she believes it will have a , big impact on the industry as a whole.
She said, “I think it will show a lot of other game developers and AAA developers that having a woman front and centre is not a problem.”

GTA 6:more questions than answers

GTA 6:But while the trailer gives fans a lot to chew on, there are also some questions that remain unanswered.
Chief among them is which console the game will be released on, as this information is not revealed in the video.
However, Take-Two Interactive, which publishes the game, has announced that GTA VI will launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X when it launches in 2025.
There is no further information regarding a release date or a possible PC version, although if it follows a similar pattern to previous games in the series, a PC release will follow.
GTA IV and V came to PC several months after their release on consoles.
Fans are also asking who provides the voice behind the main character Lucia, but the identity of the voice actor remains a mystery.
The new game was a long time coming and James Binns, president of gaming media company Network N, said this could be explained by the immense success of GTA V, which sold 190 million copies worldwide.
GTA 6:”It’s one of the greatest games on the planet and presently it’s been kept alive by GTA On the Web, a web-based game where you loot banks and make packs,” he said.
This implies it tops Xbox, PlayStation and PC playlists most weeks.

So this will be on an amazing scale. This will be the most costly game of all time.
Earlier, the gaming giant’s president, Sam Houser, had said that the release of the trailer in December was to coincide with its 25th anniversary.
Originally developed in 1997 by DMA Design in Dundee, later known as Rockstar North, GTA has been commercially and critically successful and controversial.
Even in the House of Lords, questions were asked about the violent content of the first game.
Rockstar has separately announced a deal with Netflix to include several of its titles in the streaming giant’s game offering.
GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas, which are favorites of gamers, will be available to Netflix subscribers on mobile devices on December 14.

Shake Shack will open its first location in the Greater Cincinnati area on Thursday

Shake Shack is donating $1 to the local Reach Out Lakota Pantry for every sandwich sold on opening day.

It’s finally here, Cincinnati: Popular burger and shake chain Shake Shack opened its doors in Liberty Township this week.
Shake Shack is known for its hand-crafted shakes as well as elevated American classics like its made-to-order burgers, crispy chicken, crinkle-cut fries and Hot-One’s signature Hot Shake Sauce, for those wanting something more. Are for those. Taste. mouth with his food. They also offer green smoothies, non-dairy smoothies, and frozen custard options.
Greater Cincinnati’s first Shake Shack will open at 11 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 7 at 7669 Blake St., near the Liberty Center entrance. It is the fast food chain’s ninth location in Ohio and the second Ohio location with a drive-thru.

Shake Shack will open its first location

The Liberty Township location will offer indoor seating and an outdoor patio for dining, and the drive-thru will have a digital menu board, a two-lane ordering system and a separate pickup window. Pre-orders for pickup or delivery will be available on the Shake Shack app or website in the coming weeks.

Shake Shack will open its first location

The first wave of customers arriving on opening day will receive personalized Shake Shack gifts and Shake-inspired floral arrangements from Liberty Township florist Running on Blooms. The chain will also donate $1 for every sandwich sold at the Liberty Center on Thursday to Reach Out Lakota, a local pantry that provides food and clothing to needy families in West Chester and Liberty Township.
Guests can also bring non-perishable food donations to Reach Out Lakota’s Shake Shack on opening day. You can see the list of most essential items here.
Shake Shack will be open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Daily till 10 pm.

Birmingham football captures state title by defeating Del Norte in final game

Birmingham football captures state title by defeating Del Norte in final game

A tipped ball fell into the hands of Birmingham’s Devin Jackson for a spectacular winner as time expired.SAN DIEGO – On the final play of the game, Kingston Tisdale found Devin Jackson on a 52-yard Hail Mary pass to give Birmingham a 30–28 win over Del Norte in the CIF Regional Division 3-AA championship game. Southern California.
The pass was intended for Peyton Waters and was deflected by a Del Norte defender. The ball fell straight into Jackson’s hands and he was able to run it and score the winning goal.
With the win, Birmingham will advance to its second state championship game with a chance to win its first state title. The Patriots will face the Acalanes on December 8 or 9 at a venue in Southern California.

Birmingham football captures state title

Birmingham’s leading running back and starting running back Ronnell Hewitt did not prepare for the game, but the Patriots were still able to do a good job of controlling the time of possession with backup running back Drayden Falls leading the running game. .

Fowles completed the game with 28 conveys for 154 yards.

On Birmingham’s first possession, the Patriots produced a 13-play drive that ended with a 15-yard touchdown pass from Tisdale to Mayor Morales.

Birmingham had several long drives in the game and played 66 times from scrimmage compared to Del Norte’s 33.

Del Norte tied the game 7–7 on a short touchdown run by Anthony Matter early in the second quarter.

Del Norte took a 14–10 lead at halftime after Zack Schneider threw a 64-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Baker and Andy Ballon kicked a 27-yard field goal for Birmingham.

On Birmingham’s final drive of the first half, Javon Hall replaced Tisdale at quarterback and led the Patriots inside the Del Norte 20. But Birmingham did not score any points on possession.

Tisdale started again in the second half after sitting out the entire series.

Birmingham football captures state title by defeating Del Norte in final game

Del Norte took a 21–10 lead midway through the third quarter on Ryan Remigio’s touchdown run. The scoring drive began at the Patriots’ 24-yard line after Birmingham punted late on Del Norte’s punt return.

Birmingham took a 24–21 lead early in the fourth quarter, with the defence starting to step up and Tisdale throwing his second and third touchdown passes of the night.

Tisdale’s second touchdown pass was a 33-yard pass to Waters and his third touchdown was an 11-yard pass to Jomar Adams.

After Adams’ score, Del Norte took a 28–24 lead when Ty Olsen returned the kick 75 yards for a touchdown. After Olsen’s score, Del Norte missed a 47-yard field goal.

Birmingham football captures: After a missed field goal

After a missed field goal, Birmingham drove to the Del Norte 40, but was unable to score and Del Norte regained possession with two and a half minutes remaining. Del Norte had the ball with less than a minute to go and could have run out of timeout, but they threw the ball out of bounds and Birmingham saved a timeout and Del Norte was able to make a shot instead. and forced a long field goal attempt. , Take a knee to dominate the match.

Del Norte missed a 45-yard field goal and Birmingham regained possession with 28 seconds left in the game.

On the final possession, Tisdale completed two passes to Jackson and Waters, before Jackson again found the ball on a 52-yard Hail Mary for the win.

Tisdale finished the game with 13 of 30 passing for 224 yards and four touchdowns and zero turnovers. Waters, who committed to Washington, had seven catches for 108 yards and a touchdown, Jackson had three catches for 73 yards and the game-winning touchdown. On defense, Dominic Jefferson had two sacks for Birmingham.

Watch Champions League football: Arsenal vs Lens live stream from anywhere

Watch Champions League football

The Gunners host the Ligue 1 side at the Emirates Stadium for a Group B match.

After finishing top of the Premier League at the weekend, Arsenal will look to maintain that momentum when they host Lens in a match in which the north London side can claim their place in the Champions League knockout stage.

The Gunners are currently nine points top of UCL Group B, four points ahead of nearest rivals PSV, with their only defeat in the competition coming against their opponents in the first leg in France tonight.

Lens’ counter-attacking ability was demonstrated in that previous tie, but the French side, who are level on points with PSV, have failed to win in their last 13 away games in UEFA club competition at the Are.

Below, we’ll outline the best live TV streaming services to watch all the games, anywhere in the world.

Watch Champions League football: Arsenal vs Lens: when and where?

Arsenal will play Lens at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday 29 November. Kickoff is scheduled for 8 p.m. local time GMT in London (3 a.m. ET, 12 a.m.PT and 7 a.m. in the US and Canada. AEDT in Australia) on Thursday, November 30.

Instructions to watch Stockpile versus Focal Point online from any place utilizing a VPN

If you can’t watch Champions League matches locally, you may need a different way to watch the action; This is where using a VPN can come in handy. A VPN can prevent your ISP from throttling your speed on game day by encrypting your traffic, and it’s a good idea if you want to keep your device and login secure while travelling and using different Wi-Fi networks. Do you require an extra security measure? With a VPN, you can virtually change your location on your phone, tablet, or laptop to access the game. So if your Internet provider or mobile operator assigns an IP address that incorrectly shows your location in a restricted area, a VPN can solve that problem by giving you an IP address in your correct, unrestricted area. Most VPNs, similar to our Editors’ Decision, ExpressVPN, make this truly simple.

Using a VPN to watch or stream sports is legal in any country where VPNs are legal, including the US, UK, and Canada, as long as you have a valid subscription to the service you’re streaming from. Make sure your VPN is configured correctly to avoid leaks: Even when VPNs are legal, the streaming service can terminate the account of anyone it suspects of using a properly applied blackout—bypassing restrictions.

Looking for other options? Be sure to check out some of the best VPN deals out there right now.

Watch Champions League football: Live stream Arsenal vs Lens in America

American soccer fans can stream this season’s tournament via Paramount Plus, which has exclusive English-language live-streaming rights in the U.S. for UEFA Champions League matches.

Principal In addition to his two primary membership plans in the US: Fundamental for $6 each month and Premium for $12 each month. Both provide Champions League coverage.

The cheaper Essentials option has ads for on-demand streaming. It also lacks a live CBS feed and the ability to download shows for later offline viewing. Newcomers can take advantage of a 30-day free trial, while students can qualify for a 25% discount. Black Friday savings are still available, although we don’t know for how long.

Watch Champions League football: Arsenal vs Lens live stream in UK

TNT Sports (previously known as BT Sport) owns the live broadcast rights to the Champions League in the UK.

Watch Champions League football: Live stream Arsenal vs Lens in Canada

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Capitol Hill Doctor: No Proof That McConnell Is Ill or Experienced a Stroke in Front of the Camera

Capitol Hill Doctor: A physician in the capital, Dr Brian Monahan, stated in a recent letter that there is no evidence

Capitol Hill Doctor: that Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell is ill or has experienced a stroke – or any movement disorder like Parkinson’s disease – an assessment that followed two health-related concerns for the 81-year-old Kentuckian in recent weeks, both of which were evaluated by a group of neurologists.

Capitol Hill Doctor: This new letter, released by McConnell’s office on Tuesday,

marks the second time in several months that he has been seen in front of cameras, raising questions about whether the GOP leader can maintain his powerful position within the Senate. According to an individual familiar with the matter, McConnell underwent a neurological evaluation by four neurologists in Covington, Kentucky, last week after losing consciousness following a cold incident.

Monahan stated in Tuesday’s letter that he consulted with McConnell’s neurologist and conducted several assessments, including brain MRI imaging and a test that measures electrical imaging in the brain.

Capitol Hill Doctor: the letter expressed,

Capitol Hill Doctor: “There is no proof that you have a development problem or have encountered a stroke, TIA, or Parkinson’s infection.”
This note comes as the Senate reconvened on Tuesday after a five-week recess, and GOP senators could be confronted with questions about McConnell’s health. “I think he understands,” Sen. John Cornyn, who addressed the conference during lunch on Wednesday, said about McConnell. “I think he understands that transparency is his friend and that a lot of the speculation goes away.”

When asked by CNN whether he supports McConnell staying as leader in the next Congress, Senate GOP Whip John Thune said, “I don’t want to start speculating about that. Yet, he has my full help, and he will have the help of the gathering.”

It’s still unclear why McConnell paused for roughly 30 seconds each time. The Republican leader’s office had attributed the two paused moments to “light-headedness,” and Monahan hinted in a previous letter that fainting spells were “not unusual” for people who have experienced a stroke.

Capitol Hill Doctor: Utah GOP Sen. Mitt Romney said that while McConnell has a 20-second “checkout” in the day, he does “a lot of great work” in the other 86,380 seconds of the day.

Capitol Hill Doctor: “As a matter of fact, we can expect that Mitch McConnell will take a gander at for 20 seconds during the day, yet in the other 86,380 seconds during the day, he does a lot of uncommon work,” he said.

However, not all GOP senators were satisfied with McConnell’s clarification. Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul called the fainting diagnosis “insufficient clarification” and said his 25 years of medical experience did not show it “looks like fainting.